Job Interview

Complete your information and the contestant information below for the entry you are about to score.

In the excel spreadsheet click or copy the contestant’s link into a web browser. This allows you to view all data the contestant submitted for the entry, including their required cover letter and resume.

For each judging section the scoring parameters are outlined to create consistency. Choose the point value you wish to award for each section from each drop-down menu.

Please be sure to leave valuable and constructive comments. “Good job.” is not acceptable; “Good job highlighting detail x in the ____ section of your resume.” or “Be cautious of _____ error.” will better benefit the contestant. Internal comments are only shared with SFT officials, these are not required.

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Cover Letter


  • Did the cover letter meet the one page maximum?
  • Was it addressed and dated correctly?
  • Is the information in the cover letter true and relevant to the position being applied?
  • Did the cover letter create interest in the applicant?
  • Was the cover letter grammatically correct and professional?
Highest points possible: 50



  • Did the resume not exceed two pages?
  • Was the information and work experience non-fictitious and highlight the applicant's experience in a professional manner?
  • Was the resume easy to read and follow?
Highest points possible: 50
These comments will be shared with the contestant.
These comments will be shared with contest officials only. (I.e., time penalties, appropriateness, etc.)
PLEASE NOTE: Please review your scoresheet before submitting. NO EDITING WILL BE PERMITTED AFTER SUBMISSION.
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